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  • Fel; fel; rätt – en debattbok om mat av Matts Johansson

  • Kaffee Form – take away-mugg av kaffesump

  • Kaffee Form – cappuccinokopp av kaffesump

  • The Foodmaker Book

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About Honk Please

Thoughts on a changing society

Honk Please is a publisher, an event organizer, a physical space, and an inspirational site. Thoughts and learnings from a society in constant change, brought to you by Changemaker.

Honk Please! Magazine

On print in a digital world

Download the latest issue of Honk Please! Magazine. Or contact us to receive a copy by post.

We team up with young creatives in the design of our magazines. Honk Please! Magazine #3 has been designed and illustrated by Isak Hultström Swahn.

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