Future leaders ask questions instead of giving answers

Matthias Straub-Fischer is a teacher, KaosPilot and helicopter pilot based in Bern, Switzerland, near the wilderness of the alps. Straight after our video call between Stockholm and Bern he put on his helicopter gear and went out flying over the mountains. Staying true to his philosophy: we should aim to have more fun in life.

Location Location Location

Geography does not matter anymore. Games are born international. And so is the access to education. You don’t have to live in San Francisco to work at Apple or in Stockholm to work at Spotify. You can live in Leamington Spa or teach students the latest within tech and games North of the Arctic Circle. 

More human than ever

Hybrid working models where we meet some days in the office and spend the rest working from somewhere else. From home, a van or a co-working space. Or maybe a virtual co-working space?