About Honk Please!

Thoughts on a changing society

At an intersection in India, the vehicles that honk the loudest are the ones that get through first. The ones that dare to stand out and move forward, despite the congestion and chaos around them.

We want to see more people with great, brave and sometimes even crazy ideas honk their horns louder to create a positive impact on society.

Honk Please is a publisher, an event organizer, a physical space, and an inspirational site. Thoughts and learnings from a society in constant change, brought to you by Almost There.

Our focus areas

On honkplease.com we cover stories on happenings, people and ideas that we think are worth highlighting – things that impact our society in a positive direction.

TECH – New technologies impacting our everyday lives

SOCIETY – Different types of societal change, often connected to entrepreneurship

LEARNING – Different learning processes and prerequisites of learning in today’s society

CHANGEMAKERS – Individuals and groups that impact our society in innovative ways

Do you want to write for us, or do you have a story that we should cover? Reach out to emelie@honkplease.com with your idea.